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For Training Providers

You may contact our scheduling representatives to book and confirm one of our instructors.

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For Individuals

Individuals may enroll in our publicly scheduled courses globally. Simple contact us and we will refer you to a training consultant from the appropriate partner location.

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For Organizations

Organizations with multiple students can negotiate discounted enrollment rates at most of our partner locations. Alternatively, we can schedule a dedicated "closed" training event at your facility if we do not have a trusted partner near you. We can also secure a comfortable classroom or auditorium close to you should you not have the facilities available.

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Aman's Schedule

Sept 21 - M'bourne
Sept 28' - S'pore
Oct 5' - Amsterdam
Oct 12 - Brussels
Oct 19 - Tampa
Oct 27 - Amsterdam
Nov 2 - available
Nov 9 - available
Nov 16 - available
Nov 23 - Zurich

  • CISSP stands for 'Certified Information Systems Security Professional'. Consequently, and in the accordance with a literal approach to the title's component words, we focus on information systems security, not information technology security.
  • When our students have a 'Eureka Moment', we know that we have succeeded in effecting a mind-set change. Suddenly, 25-year veteran IT Directors are just as excited and eager to learn as 5-year systems administrators!