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CISSP® & CISSO™ Delivery Methods Explained

CISSP is considered by many to be the world's benchmark IT security certification and probably needs no explanation here. However, the certification preparation events do come in various formats. Our team has developed a proprietary delivery methodology. If you are serious about securing your organization or enhancing your security "mind set", then you must invest ten minutes to study our detailed explanation of the strengths and weaknesses of various IT security training methods before making a decision.

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  • CISSP stands for 'Certified Information Systems Security Professional'. Consequently, and in the accordance with a literal approach to the title's component words, we focus on information systems security, not information technology security.
  • When our students have a 'Eureka Moment', we know that we have succeeded in effecting a mind-set change. Suddenly, 25-year veteran IT Directors are just as excited and eager to learn as 5-year systems administrators!