Aman Bhar & Assoc.

Some of the ABA Team Members

Aman Bhar, CISSO

Principal Consultant & Instructor

Aman Bhar

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Aman has served with leading players in the IT Security and Electronic Commerce arenas. In addition to his management and consulting activities he regularly travels the globe on speaking and teaching engagements for some of the world's largest organizations to assist in securing their information assets.

Aman is academically qualified in Information Systems, and specializes in I.T Security. He respects conventional wisdom but has often been accused of 'out-of-the-box' thinking. He believes in success and is able to go to extraordinary means to achieve it.

Aman has consulted with Heads of State, Boards of Directors and Industry Captains in the various roles he has played. He has designed cutting-edge security training programmes, delivered training services, designed secure business models, developed national e-commerce communities and managed teams over a rewarding fifteen year period.

Mr. Bhar is also Vice President, Asia pacific, ANZ and Africa, Mile2.

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Duane Anderson

I.T Security Specialist, Expert Witness, Author & Instructor

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Duane has worked for or with U.S. and foreign military branches, U.S. government agencies, banking, regulated industries and fortune 500 companies. Duane contributed to the coordination and execution of IT counter-hacking & security courses for the US Marine Corps, US Army, US Air Force, U.S. Treasury, Sprint, IBM, Washington Mutual and Service Canada He has consulted or trained throughout North America, Europe, Gulf Region, Australia, and Asia. Duane is imminently qualified in his field and holds a number of professional qualifications -- Security+, CPTS, CPTE, CWSE, CDFE, CEH. He is also Certified IT Security Instructor.

In addition to carrying out digital forensic analysis and investigations; Duane has provided expert witness testimony and is available to help judges and juries understand all aspects of a case involving these topics.

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Michael is a scenario analyst, investigator and entrepreneur. Michael founded, an international IT security organization that has consulted for or trained many thousands of personnel from many of the world’s defense forces, intelligence agencies, governments, financial institutions, NGOs and almost any industry imaginable.

Michael was an investigator with security clearances from the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) before moving to the USA. Michael and his family now live between the USA and Europe.

  • CISSP stands for 'Certified Information Systems Security Professional'. Consequently, and in the accordance with a literal approach to the title's component words, we focus on information systems security, not information technology security.
  • When our students have a 'Eureka Moment', we know that we have succeeded in effecting a mind-set change. Suddenly, 25-year veteran IT Directors are just as excited and eager to learn as 5-year systems administrators!